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Reduce stress, Alleviate anxiousness, Ease emotional trauma, Enhance self esteem and confidence…

Our focus is very much on holistic health rather than the focus on treating symptoms of I’ll health or disease.

We look at the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life and treat the whole person. We will also help put you on the pathway to a healthier and more fulfilling existence

Your journey to a healthier lifestyle

From a professional point of view it is very satisfying to see the changes that occur in a client during and after the session.

Ian Morrison

it’s a unique massage with many benefits

  • Improves joint mobility
  • Flexibility in the shoulders and the neck.
  • Frees up tight areas and breaks down scar tissue

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Your Heart rate will decrease through relaxation and blood pressure will improve. Blood vessels will dilate.

For any client that suffers from congestion or sinusitis, Our unique massage will help to relieve any upper respiratory problems.

Helps to clear the mind and aids alertness,concentration and will improve mental capability

The parasympathetic nervous system responsible for the reduction of stress and anxieties will also be improved by this unique massage therapy.

It stimulates and relaxes the whole nervous system releasing endorphins. These help to elevate mood reduce stress and pain, Also improving natural sleep patterns.

Relax both Body and Mind

The treatment can also improve the hormonal system leading to a positive effect on mood behaviour. Because the blood flow increases,the digestive process improves too.

Sessions with us help :

  • Reduce stress
  • Alleviates anxiousness
  • Eases emotional trauma
  • Enhances self esteem
  • Boosts confidence

Change is around the corner…

Your journey to a healthier lifestyle starts right Now !!…